Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Women Read Romance-week 3

The Article "Women Read The Romance" by Janice A. Radway, discusses the role of romance novels and the reasons women read them. One of the main points made in the article is the use of romance novels as an escape for women. Many of the women interviewed in the text describe these stories as an outlet to escape from the reality of their lives. The article mentions how romance novels can cause women to have unrealistic expectations. After reading the same happy endings time after time, fantasy might translate into a women's sense of reality.These fantasies have been translated across movie screens as well. Happy endings and true love are present in countless films. It also seems that stereotypical "love scenes" repeat throughout many movies. For example, there are countless movies were lovers "kiss in the rain". This can be one aspect of that romantic moment portrayed in romance novels and dreamed about by numerous women. That romantic moment is usually when a big gesture is done, by a man, to prove his love to the leading lady. After this gesture they promptly ride off into the sunset to enjoy their happily ever after. In the movie "A Cinderella Story" this unrealistic moment occurs. Although I feel most women know the line between fantasy and reality, watching scenes like this leads them to hold onto hope that something that "magical" might happen in their lives. Here is a youtube video of the kiss scene in "A Cinderella Story".

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