Monday, September 27, 2010

Gay and Lesbian Utopia

The beginning of this ad for Blackberry Messenger shows two gay men who own a trendy furniture store. This is the Gay Utopia that Fejes talks about in his conclusion. The two males look to be very fashionable and successful. They are the advertising stereotype of the better than average income, white, highly educated gay male. It was interesting how Fejes brought up studies of how Ga and Lesbian people were not necessarily richer, but that they had more disposable income. In the state of Florida you can have a foster child and be a gay couple. However you cannot adopt kids. This is an odd paradox. It also points out that most homosexual couples or people do not have or cannot have families. Thereby giving them the extra income to be able to go on trips and spend money on high brand liquor and fashionable clothes. The reality of it all is that, as Fejes states, this stereotype i really a Utopia. Most gay and lesbian people live in a world of misunderstanding and hatred. Gay liberties and rights as a social class argument is the defining fight of our generation. There is only a closet to come out of because we have built one.

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