Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From the G word to the L word.

In "Advertising and the political economy of lesbian/gay identity," Fejes points out that some years back- many corporations were extremely reluctant to be associated with anything that was seen as being homosexual. Whereas today there are many open media advertisements or shows promote homosexuality, sort of like a brand.
Showtime, broadcasted a very popular series called "The L Word(2004-2009)," it portrays the lifes of a group of Lesbian and their lives, families and lovers in a trendy LA area in Hollywood. The
opening credits celebrate these lesbians , an example of the lyrics-"Women who long, love, lust.. Women who give. This is the way It’s the way that we live." Many people (not just lesbians) watched this series through interest to learn how lesbians supposedly "live". To be gay has almost become a trend, as Fejes identifies, "as a group they were seen as more cutting edge" (216). Another close link to this point is the song I kissed a girl"-Katy Perry, it almost justifies that it's trendy and fun to be Gay, which totally blows aware previous beliefs.

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