Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Homosexuality Sells?

While reading "Advertising and the Political Economy of Lesbian/Gay Identity" I kept going back to the same thought that although gays and lesbians aren't legally allowed to get married in most states in the U.S., their culture has been targeted by advertisements in the media for about twenty years. " It seemed so wrong to me and yet so American all at the same time...corporations just want money from the gays because "...they are now being portrayed as young, healthy, fun to be with, and having a lot of disposable income." (Fejes 217) Basically, corporations and the media equate gay men with large dollar signs. "As a group they were seen as far more 'cutting edge', more likely to spend money on new products." (Fejes 216) I found this advertisement for Abercrombie and Fitch, which is so obviously targeted to the male gay community. His positioning, body language and his nudity all appeal to gay men. I thought that it was interesting that a company would so blatantly advertise to the gay community.

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