Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Radway and Unforgivable

I believe that this youtube video embodies, with comedy, stereotype, and exaggeration, many of the main points of Radway’s “Women Read the Romance.”

We see in this video a man in a singular relationship with a woman. We see this man rely on his girlfriend (wife as related to the text) by staying at her house. The women in the house are watching “The Legend of Bagger Vance,” a romance film in which two of the main characters, Junnah and Adele, fall in love before WW1 and then rekindle their romance long after the war. By watching this film, these women can escape into a virtual reality where “the people do not resemble the people and occurrences they must deal with in their daily lives,” and the men are respectful, contrasting their “reality” of man in this video. This video is an obvious (and exaggerated) portrayal of the stereotypical view of male sexuality, which was implied to the males of the “real world” that Radway describes as the husbands of these romance readers. With the male’s obvious lack of appreciation for his girlfriend in the video, we can see where she would feel the same lack of appreciation as Dot does when she describes her husband’s questioning of her day in Radway’s book. Finally, with a stretch of comparability, we can see Radways point “If she is depleted by her efforts to care for others, she is nonetheless expected to restore and sustain herself well,” through the male video character’s almost expectation that his girlfriend wouldn’t bleed when hit over the head with a gun.

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