Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Advertising and Homosexuality

The reading Advertising and the Political Economy of Lesbian/Gay Identity, by Fred Fejes, brought to attention some connections between consumerism and gay rights. I had never really made the connection between the influence gay men had in the consumer market and their progress towards equality. It makes complete sense to me now. When advertisers realized large the potential market of gay men in regards to things like the fashion industry and travel industry, they began to optimize on the possible money maker. By advertising and creating a market for gay demographics, the image of homosexuality began to change. Through advertisements and marketing opinions and views of homosexuality began to be seen in a more positive light. I find it ironic how the progression of gay equality moved faster through their role as consumers and as a large advertising target (pg. 213). I found an Image I feel relates to the issue brought to attention by this article. When the fashion industry began to realize the potential profit of marketing to gays, a few designers got around the early social problems by utilizing "gay window advertising" (214). I feel this image is filled with gay subtext.

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