Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Targeting Gays, but in a Good Way.

In Advertising and the Political Economy of Lesbian/Gay Identity, Fejes explores the connection between gay rights in society and gay rights in consumerism. Fejes recognizes how the gay male community has been identified as valuable consumers “because of their more attractive income profile.” I have personally noticed a deficiency in advertisements projected towards lesbian, but I could actually think of a substantial amount of ads directed at gay males. In this Levi’s jeans commercial, the viewer is basically to understand that if you put on a pair of their jeans, you will instantly attract or obtain a man. This is done through helping the targeted consumer, a gay male, relate to the man pulling on the pair of Levi’s. What I found to be so interesting about this commercial is that not only is it marketing to gay men, but it also has another version where the man putting on the jeans is straight, therefore attracting a woman instead. Because the same advertising campaign has two different versions, one to attract gay males and one to attract straight males, Levi’s clearly recognizes the gay male community as an equal market. However, they also acknowledge that it is indeed a completely separate market as well by catering to their specific interests.

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