Tuesday, September 28, 2010

After reading “Advertising and the Political Economy of Lesbian/Gay Identity” by Fred Fejes I immediately had a flash back to a Pepsi television ad that was only aired for a few days. It was not only promoting Pepsi, but also it was also promoting homosexuality as a bad thing. In the television commercial, after talking over the plan to pick up what the men thought was going to be a woman at the bar, the man in the middle walked past a few women straight to the end of the bar to a homosexual man. Both of his friends were very surprised because they obviously did not know he was gay. They had a look on their face as if it was a bad thing that their friend was gay. This goes completely against what Fejes was writing about. This ad uses homosexuality but in a negative way. This ad would probably be offensive to the homosexual community. The ads Fejes wrote about on the other hand, showed a homosexual male or female like in the Pepsi ad, but in those ads the men and women were portrayed ad as sexy models.

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