Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Could Call it an Extension: Women's Hair Color

I too wondered about this chocolate-caramel distinction with Liz F in her post. But additionally, I wonder if this glamorized and sensual depiction of African American skin through its comparison to food could also be applied to women’s hair color. As can be seen by the hair color chart that I posted above, hair color is also compared to food (like chocolate, strawberry blonde, caramel, honey, etc.) I guess, answering my own question, that the answer is that mostly yes, it can be compared provisionally. This can be seen in many stereotypical American pop-culture movies like Sixteen Candles (1984), where the main character not only envies the attention given to soon-to-be-wed, very blonde sister, but also her very popular, blonde classmate for which she envies for the attention she receives from the boys at her school. The wealthy, popular, and desirable women are often depicted as blonde.

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