Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Although I like to think of Nike as being a ‘morally good’ company, this article has proved me wrong. Nike like most other companies tries to appeal to the consumer by giving them what they want. Nike cares about ‘looking good’ for their middle class consumers by publicly showing that they participate in charity events, support different causes, and by giving away apparel; however, this is all a disguise to cover the manual labor they put people through in sweatshops to make all of the apparel.

When I read this article I began to realize, how Nike (like every other advertisement) tries to show the consumer what they want. The other day I saw this Nike advertisement about some curvy woman with a big butt. The advertisement continues to put emphasis on how though this woman might not be a size 0, she has a great body and loves herself for it. I can honestly say that I fell right into the typical consumer reaction and loved the ad, because I guess I felt I could relate. This is just an example of how Nike is trying to appeal to their consumers and covering up the horrible work they are putting people through.

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