Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black Sitcom Portrayals

“Black Sitcom Portrayals was an article that featured the portrayal of the African American family on television and economic achievement within that community. I remember watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that was set in Philly, and I’m from Philly, so I loved it I would watch it all the time. I could relate to the family values and leadership that the father had. He was always in control, he was the “head man.” I still watch re-runs today. It is a funny, warm loving show suitable for everyone. On page 83 J.C.B quotes that “There’s always that one sister that can’t find a man. And if she does find a man, he is the good looking suave guy who is so screwed up.” In Fresh Prince, that character is definitely was Hilary Banks, played by Karyn Parsons. The Cosby Show was another one of my favorites growing up. I still enjoy watching that show. Mr. Cosby is so open hearted and wise with his words and fair to his children. There is nothing about him that makes you want to change the channel. I was hooked on that show, along with millions of other viewers.

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