Thursday, October 7, 2010

While reading "In Spite of Women" by Kenon Breazeale, I could not help but think about the male gaze. To successfully advertise male products, advertising agencies need women, but not just any women. They need very beautiful and sexy women as seen in all of the Esquire magazines. Esquire has sections that solely talk about sexy women. They use this to draw in the male consumer. A few months ago I remember seeing this picture in a magazine and it drew me in because it was a picture of Marisa Miller, who is only like the hottest girl ever. I finally found this ad on the Internet and saw that it had been in an Esquire magazine. It was Marisa Miller that made me look at the ad, not the motorcycle. If Harley Davidson had used a male to advertise their bike, I probably would of never looked at it. Like in Breazeale’s argument, advertisers for male products need women.

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