Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stereotypes in Media

I fully agree with Sanjukta Ghosh’s “Con-Fusing” Exotica Producing India in U.S. Advertising” article. Like Michelle, I also believe that Ghosh was very biased in many of her arguments. Ghosh argues that there is lack of Asian Indians in the media, but there is a lot of “robbed” culture that companies use to advertise their products because it is something that is usually beautiful and not normally seen in the media. One of my favorite points made by Ghosh is when she argued that “absence makes it possible for media empires to achieve a racially cleaned visual environment that reinforces the notion of who is ‘us’ and who is ‘them,’ who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out.’” News and media agencies are able to form these stereotypes shown in the video above by keeping these races and cultures out of American media. I believe this is plausible because when someone does not know anything about a culture or race they will believe the first thing they read or hear, and as we have already seen in previous studies, the media is very good at persuading what they want their viewers to believe.

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