Monday, October 25, 2010

Globalization Versus Cultural Imperialism

Globalization and Cultural Imperialism are two sides of the same coin. Globalization is usually the way the culture spreading looks at it and Cultural Imperialism is how the culture being hegemonized. Globalization is making citizens more aware of other countries, ideas, and ways of life. Cultural Imperialism is the intense and bad version of globalization. In class on Monday, I made the argument that if citizens weren't patrons of the imperialized cultures businesses then they wouldn't be there. After thinking of this picture, I thought that it might be nearly impossible to avoid. Even in our own lives as AMericans, how easy is it to frequent only mom and pop businesses in all aspects? This Cultural Imperialism is overwhelming. It is inescapable. Once the first store or idea is planted, it spreads like a virus. It infects everything until it is hard to pick when the change actually happened. Cultural Imperialism is Globalization, it just depends on which side your on.

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