Monday, October 4, 2010

bright colors and attractive females sell..

Whilst reading the Cosemtics- A Clinique case study reading, by Kirkham & Weller. I came to the conclusion that there were trying to address the gendering of toiletries for male and females. The difference in the colors that are used for both genders in their different products, and the information that is used to sell the product. With males the information is literally more about the product as most males are pretty clueless. Whereas females almost rehearse using different beauty products while through there youth and teenage years, so when this becomes a reality they pretty much already know what they need. The advertisement that came to mind was Rhianna CoverGirl Ad (“cover girls,” fashion models who appear on the front cover of ladies' magazines, wear their products). This one in particular was featuring the singer Rhianna, she self promotes a song title whilst promoting the lip gloss. One of her lines is "want to know what i have under my umbrella, even if it's raining your lips will have a lasting fruity shine". This has limited information on the product but was so popular for the pure fact that the advertisement had hot pink and girl colors, was acted out BY Rhianna and the song Umbrella was playing in the background.

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