Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oppositional Politics and the Internet: A Critical/Reconstructive Approach Richard Kahn and Douglas Kellner

The article for this week focused on the growth and global influence of the internet, with an accentuation on it's involvement in globalization. Internet politics are predicted to be widespread and promote revolution of every day life. To me, the internet is such a necessity, and I know it is in schools, in businesses, when sometimes work logs are documented online, or homework is posted, such as the wiki. Kahn and Kellner's essay addresses the withstanding issue that the internet is a form of globalization and today's internet activism that is a growing domain of current political issues. During a time of terrorism and war, the central worldwide pro-peace/anti-war and social justice movement is thus reinforced in this argument, becoming a more democratic medium. New creative forms of web design and creative websites, like wikis, blogs, facebook, myspace, etc, are groundbreaking developments of the internet's hypertextual architecture. This video is very appropriate, relevant, and i think you will enjoy it.

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