Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Best Show Ever: Whale Wars

Reading Geoffrey Baym’s article made me think about myself, how much I watch the news, and if I really even like it at all. I thought about it, and I realized that I rarely watch the news or read the newspaper, but for some reason I always know what is going on in the world or on reality television. Baym’s article made me realize that I get my information from all the other television shows I watch, such as the Daily Show, Jay Leno, South Park, and other shows like them who make fun of and tell the news in a funnier and more enjoyable way. South Park has always been one of my favorite television shows to watch and over the past few years they have been getting ideas from what is happening presently in the world. Now, not all of it is always true, but I can get just enough information from it that either is enough for me, or it will make me go look it up on the Internet. Here is a video of one of the South Park episodes that is a parody of the show Whale Wars. It not only informed me about the actually television show, but it also informed me about people killing whales.

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