Monday, August 30, 2010

Canada: America's Hat

Bodroghkozy discusses "Canadian media" in the article "As Canadian Possible...Anglo-Canadian Popular Culture and the American Other." Essentially the point is made that there really is no "Canadian Pop Culture," but instead just borrowed American Cultured. I found this picture to relate because Canada is just an extension of America's taste, like if a person added a hat to their outfit. The text says, "Public broadcasting would also, crucially, serve as a weapon to keep seductive American mass culture on the other side of the border. The constructing of a Canadian-ness could never succeed if the nation's inhabitants were perpetually being enticed to participate in the fictions that helped to solidify the imagined community to the south." So, though Canada submits itself to it's lack-of-culture, it probably doesn't help that American music stations are played for our neighbors because it perpetuates the problem.

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